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I am located inside the basement of

Mineola Massage and Wellness

474B South Service Rd, Mississauga, ON L5G 2S5

Call or Text (647) 671-4916 before arriving

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The clinic offers services that will make you walk out feeling like a million bucks! 

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Mineola Massage and Wellness. 


*I am not a registered massage therapist, contact any one of the ladies and they will be happy to assist you.

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Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 5:30pm
Sat: 9:00am - 1:00 pm
Sun: Closed


 Tarot MOON Light🌙


 I am a clairvoyant (seeing past, present, future) Clairsentient (empath), Claircognizant (clear knowing) Clairaudience (hearing ) Medium (Communicate with spirits). Mediumship is not as strong as the others, but souls do come to me from time to time when needed.

I had this gift of being able to SEE, HEAR, FEEL and KNOW since I was young. In adult life, I was more able to understand the spiritual gifts that I have.

In my early 20s, a friend of mine handed me a deck of Tarot Cards. I soon was able to study the cards and read for friends.

In the last five years, I began studying about Laws of Attraction, Chakra Healing and Meditation. By introducing that into my life, my Life is full of love and abundance. I am excited that I can now guide you on a positive life.

I believe in being positive. I want the world to be positive as well.

By working together, we can donate together. A portion of paid readings will be collected every holiday, then given to a charity that is needed.

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One more thing I LOVE PURPLE!


Tarot MOON Light🌙

Tune into my youtube channel for daily, weekly Tarot Card Readings!

Tarot Moon Light

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Psychic readings are based on what I see for you. What comes out is based on the energy that I pick up from you. I am Clairvoyant, Clairsentience (empath), Claircognizance(Inner Knowing).

I decided to read for people all over the world.

Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are my added details to confirm what I am seeing. Some spreads can be used based on the answers you're looking to get answers. I use both Tarot and Angel Cards.

Be ready to book ahead if time!

I will be able to book soon keep checking the website! 

Party Readings

Party Readings are fun to have with a group of Friends, Company Party etc.  Special Rates 

Contact me today to book a Party Reading

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Life Coaching

As we are all going thru life and struggles but don't know where to start and end.

Life coaching is a simple way to talk thru your issues and how to deal with them positively and objectively.

Life coaching can be included in your reading it's by choice.

Extra charge

Contact me today for further details

FREE 1-hour consultation.

After hours are doubled rates

ONLY 30-minute readings available

PLEASE CALL ME to see if I'm available.


Are you in need of positive direction with your life in areas of love, work, finances, and self-esteem. I have sessions where we can sit down and discuss your experience. I can guide you toward being positive and how to work with the Universe. During the meetings, my gifts can be used. We can develop a plan and follow thru with it. Sessions are daily, weekly, monthly or 1 time.

fees apply same as Readings

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A portion of paid readings will be donated to a charity during holidays. Please help with those who are in desperate need of food, shelter and with illnesses.

Healing Prayer

One of my best free service I can offer you is my healing prayer. All you have to do is contact me. Let me know what you need me to pray for you.

Send a prayer that is in need of answers.

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Text messages are limited to Only. Text Readings and brief Info about my service. If you would like to chat about anything with me then Charges Apply. Please book Appointment as you would with a reading, or contact me to discuss payment

No Free Readings unless approved.



Response time 24 hrs